As much as we may say that it's not about the gear, let's face it: cameras are at the heart of photography. The camera you use DOES matter to a certain extent, as different makes and models offer varying features that can be advantageous for your genre of photography.

At Camera Jabber we cover cameras in a sensible way. We will bring you news of the latest cameras on the market and explain the technology within them and how it can benefit your photography. We will also provide you with hands-on reviews the moment they are announced and follow them up with in-depth reviews of post-production models once they become available to us.

And to help you decide what camera to buy, you will also find comparisons of these latest cameras against their predecessors and rivals in the market, as well as extensive buying guides showing you the many options available within a particular price range, skill level, sensor size, body size and even those with features that lend themselves well to a particular genre of photography.

Samsung S9 Camera Review Score 80%

Samsung S9 Camera Review

Samsung currently has two flagship phones – the S9 and the S9+. In this Samsung S9 camera review, we’ll be looking at the smaller, cheaper, single-camera S9.

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PanoClip review Score 90%

PanoClip review

The PanoClip is a 360 camera attachment for the iPhone, which employs a dual lens system to capture and automatically stitch 360 photos without the need for software.

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