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As much as we may say that it's not about the gear, let's face it: cameras are at the heart of photography. The camera you use DOES matter to a certain extent, as different makes and models offer varying features that can be advantageous for your genre of photography.

At Camera Jabber we cover cameras in a sensible way. We will bring you news of the latest cameras on the market and explain the technology within them and how it can benefit your photography. We will also provide you with hands-on reviews the moment they are announced and follow them up with in-depth reviews of post-production models once they become available to us.

And to help you decide what camera to buy, you will also find comparisons of these latest cameras against their predecessors and rivals in the market, as well as extensive buying guides showing you the many options available within a particular price range, skill level, sensor size, body size and even those with features that lend themselves well to a particular genre of photography.

Uten 4K Ultra HD Review

Uten 4K Ultra HD snap verdict You can now buy the Uten 4K Ultra HD action camera for less than £50. For that price, you get 4K video at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps and it arrives with all the mounts you could need to get started and a spare battery, so what's the catch?…

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Fujifilm X-H1 Hands-on Review

Angela has been shooting with Fujifilm’s new flagship X-Series camera, the X-H1 and has a few thoughts and images to share.

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Panasonic GX9 Review

First impressions, what is the Panasonic GX9 Panasonic has introduced the GX9 to sit in the middle of its range as a “premium street photography camera”. With its small body size and flat rangefinder type design, it’s also ideally suited as a travel camera - especially if you already own another Micro Four Thirds camera.…

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Panasonic TZ200 Hands-On Review

Panasonic’s popular travel zoom compact has been updated – the main new feature is a longer focal length lens – it now offers a 15x zoom (roughly 24-360mm in 35mm format).

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GoXtreme Vision 4K Review

GoXtreme snap verdict GoXtreme has a proven track record when it comes to action cameras with their flagship product, the Black Hawk 4k rivalling the GoPro Hero 4 Black when it was released. The GoXtreme Vision 4k hits the top end of the budget market and packs in features that will appeal to both beginners…

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Best travel cameras you can depend on

Off somewhere nice? Whether it’s for a short city break or an extended period somewhere more exotic, here are our recommendations for the best travel cameras currently available.

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