Canon camera rumors 2019

Canon has got more serious about mirrorless cameras with a full-frame model but what about APS-C format?

Canon APS-C format camera with EOS R Mount

Despite their high image quality, Canon’s EOS M mirrorless system cameras models haven’t really caught the imagination of enthusiast photographers. Sony, Fuji and Olympus fare better with that audience. However, the recent Canon EOS M50 shows that the company’s engineers are on the right track as it’s the best mirrorless camera we’ve seen from them so far.

Now that Canon has introduced the full-frame EOS R, complete with a new lens mount, We’re wondering what will happen to the APS-C line. Will the company continue with the EOS M series and its EF-M lens mount or will it switch to the EOS R mount?

The sensor is a very expensive component in a digital camera so one way to make them more affordable is to reduce the size of the sensor. Producing an EOS R camera with an APS-C sized sensor could help drive more sales. However, full-frame lenses produce a much bigger image circle than is needed by an APS-C sensor. So perhaps the mount will be the same but the lenses will be smaller with a smaller image circle? That would mean that APS-C format lenses could be mounted on the EOS R full-frame camera. Canon full-frame cameras haven’t had the ability to crop to APS-C format to date, but it’s an attractive feature for photographers migrate from one format to another.

With EF, EF-S, EF-M and R-mount lenses it’s all got a bit complicated for prospective Canon users. The muddy water needs to be cleared.

Canon EOS 7D Mark III

With smartphones decimating the bottom end of the camera market, high-end cameras have become increasingly important. The Canon EOS 7D Mark II is an APS-C format camera that has found favour amongst enthusiast photographers but it was launched in September 2014 and is ripe for replacement.

Its 20.2Mp sensor seems a bit low-res in 2019 and we can expect a jump to at least 24Mp, but some think that 28Mp is more likely. We might also see its dual Digic 6 processors upgraded to Digic 8 for even faster continuous shooting rates (the Mark II hits 10fps) and maybe, just maybe 4K video.

I’d also like to see a vari-angle touchscreen to make the 7D Mark III that little bit more versatile for stills and video.

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