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Camera Accessory Black Friday Deals

Interview: Manfrotto on why CSC users need a tripod in the age of image stabilisation

Been delaying buying that new set of filters or is your old tripod looking well past its best? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that this Friday is Black Friday the world’s largest shopping event and if there is a piece of kit that you’ve been meaning to replace or buy then now is the time to do it.

Looking at the latest deals this year it looks like we’re going to see a bumpoer crop of tripods and bags on offer, with deals already showing up to half price off the full retail price.

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Here are a few pieces of camera kit that we’ll be looking out for:

Camera Tripods

These three legged companions are a photography essential, from work in the studio to shooting stunning portraits. In the last couple of years tripod technology has advanced greatly with new designs and materials making them smaller, lighter and stronger than ever before. If you have an old tripod now is the perfect time to check out what’s new and on offer.

Camera Backpack

It’s easy to stick with the same camera bag for years, it’s a trusted friend that you’ve probably carted around the world on many adventures. However as bags get old the padded protection that they used to offer depletes, exposing your kit to possible damage. A new backpack every few years is always a good idea so why not treat yourself, again.

Keep an eye on the stores
If you’re shopping in the US, the Camera Accessory retailers will be Adorama, Amazon, B&H Photo and Best Buy. UK retailers include Amazon UK, Wex, John Lewis and Currys PC World.

Make sure you check out these sites well before Black Friday so you can compare prices in advance and save your favorite action camera model in a wish list.

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