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Brains Foto Guides: Bath Review

Brain's Foto Guides: Bath Review

Brain’s Foto Guides Bath gives an insider’s view of Bath in Somerset in the UK to anyone visiting with their camera. On one side there’s a map to help you navigate your way around the city and on the other there are images of some of the key locations highlighted on the map. Each of the images has a caption to give a little insight.

All of the images are in black and white and none show the standard views of Bath. The key locations are represented, but the images tend to focus on details or alternative views. Ben Brain, the creator of Brain’s Foto Guides aims to enable users to capture images that go ‘beyond the postcard’.

The captions make a nice short read and explain some of the thinking behind the images. They’re not all the same, but some suggest a detail to home in on, the type of lens to use or the time of day to visit. But they’re not prescriptive. Brain’s Foto Guides is more of an exploration aid than a step-by-step guide to photographing Bath.

Brain's Foto Guides: Bath Review


In an age of apps and staring at a mobile phone, Brain’s Foto Guides Bath is pleasantly analogue. It doesn’t suggest a race around the city but a pleasant meander. There are even a couple of suggestions, complete with simple directions, for excursions beyond the city.

The Guide is supplied in a plastic sleeve to keep it safe and dry along with a postcard of one of the views highlighted on the map.

To the side of the map, there’s a strip of infographics to explain things such as lens angle of view, the exposure triangle and the light around sunrise and sunset in Bath. Arguably the most useful of these is the sunset/sunrise calculator. This simple chart shows you where the sun rises and sets over Bath throughout the year.


Brain’s Foto Guides Bath is ideal for keeping photographers happy on a visit to Bath. There’s easily more than enough for a day or two. It also makes a nice alternative to a historic or literature-lovers guide.

At £5.99, it’s well worth ordering a Brain’s Foto Guide if you’re headed to Bath. Follow the link to visit Brain’s Foto Guides website and buy one.

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