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Bowens in Liquidation?

Bowens Generation X flash range promises ‘game-changing’ lighting

Rumours are circulating that Bowens Lighting has gone into liquidation. According to DIYP an inside source disclosed the sad news and it has subsequently been confirmed by two independent sources although there has not been an official word so far.

The British lighting company dates from 1923 and has been synonymous with studio photography, providing a comprehensive range of lighting heads, battery packs and light modifiers. There have been suggestions that the company was in trouble for a while and its last minute pull-out from The Photography Show in 2016 was an alarm bell for many.

In June 2016 it was announced that the investment company Aurelius had bought Bowens along with its holding company Calumet International Ltd. At the time Aurelius described Bowens as a ‘leading brand of professional studio and lighting equipment headquartered in Colchester, UK.’

Since then Aurelis has bought Wex Photographic and is merging it with Calumet.

Wex Photographic to merge with Calumet Photographic

We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for further news.


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