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BlackRapid WandeR Bundle Review

BlackRapid WandeR Bundle Review

What is the BlackRapid WandeR Bundle?

Mobile phones have a habit of falling out of pockets (often into toilets apparently) and they’re a ket target for thieves, so it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra security from a strap like the BlackRapid WandeR Bundle. It allows you to clip your phone to a belt loop or hang it from your wrist to keep it safe.

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Using the BlackRapid WandeR Bundle

Although it’s simple, the WandeR Bundle is pretty versatile as wrist straps go. It comes supplied with a sticky pad so you can attach it directly to your smartphone, but it can also be used with a case so you don’t need to actually attach it to your mobile.

Part of the beauty of the WandeR is that it will work with a wide range of cases, you just slip the thin rubber-like TetheR-pad inside the case with the tab protruding from the power port and then you pop your phone back in the case. Next you attach the nylon webbing strap to the tab using the mini carabiner.

A lockable plastic clip allows you to open the loop to fit your hand through and then close it to make it secure around your wrist. Alternatively, you can slip the TetheR-Clip onto the strap to allow you to attach your phone to your belt loop, backpack, camera strap or whatever you want.

BlackRapid WandeR Bundle Review

BlackRapid WandeR Bundle Performance

I used the BlackRapid WandeR Bundle with an iPhone 7 in a battered Apple silicone case without using the sticky pad. This might not seem the perfect combination because the case has a wide gap at the bottom around the power connection and where the WandR sits. However, the WandeR is just wide enough to catch on the edges of the case and its texture provides enough grip for it to stay put and not pull out of the case.

At a crowded festival, I found it useful to clip the WandeR to a belt loop while carrying the phone in my pocket. On other occasions, I used it as a wrist strap to keep my phone safe while I took photos – on a boat for example and when my hands were through the railings of a bridge.

BlackRapid WandeR Bundle Review

I’ve used the WandeR Bundle every day for a few months and I’ve become used to using it to pull my phone out of my pocket. I don’t routinely clip it to anything but it’s nice to have it for those odd occasions when I want a bit more security.

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BlackRapid WandeR Bundle Verdict

The BlackRapid WandeR Bundle is a great option for anyone looking for a strap or extra security for their mobile phone. It’s simple to attach and remove if you use a case and there’s a sticky pad available if you want to attach it directly to your phone.

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