Blackmagic releases first footage from Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Blackmagic unveils 4K pocket cinema Micro Four Thirds camera

Blackmagic Design has released some of the first public footage from its new Pocket Cinema Camera 4K on YouTube.

The first of the footage is short 1-minute film recorded by John Brawley called ‘Models Walking at Night’. Which is somewhat odd, as it shows models sitting on a sofa in daylight.

“What I wanted to achieve was to test the dynamic range, but to still come up with some really great looking images. Having that higher dynamic range and a high bit depth file, means you have a lot of wriggle-room to correct anything that needs to be balanced,” says Brawley.

“This extra range lets you manage and massage the image to get you into a really nice place. You’re not fighting the codec or the dynamic range of the camera.”

“The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K gives you a ton of options. If you want to take it warmer, darker or cooler, you now have so much latitude in terms of dynamic range and depth of color.

“With this camera you just have so much extra choice, because you can take the image whereever you want. And that’s the truly great thing about having such a vibrant and high precision image!”

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
Apple ProRes 422 HQ
ISO1000 and 1200
Olympus Pro F4 zoom 12-100 Micro Four Thirds lens

The second film is called ‘Nature’ and was recorded by Mark Wyatt. The film cuts between forest scenes and demonstrates the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K’s dynamic range and low light capability in extreme lighting conditions in rainforests and ravines.

“The camera tests I wanted to do were in the forests and waterfalls on the outer West Coast of Canada. I was really interested in seeing how the new sensor would handle these harsh lighting conditions,” Wyatt says.

“By increasing the ISO to an impressive 1250 and 2500, it allowed me to capture the dark moss-lined walls and unique emerald color, yet also hold onto the highlight detail of the top of the waterfall and sky. I feel most cameras would likely struggle with this scene.

“I had the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K for only a few days, but overall I was really impressed by it. The weight of the camera is very liberating, especially when you are used to using larger camera systems. The screen is big and bright enough to use in daylight, which I found great for judging focus and exposure.

And, the colors too on the screen, were also nicely represented. In fact, I would argue it is Blackmagic’s best screen yet.”

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
RAW, ISO400, 1250 and 2500
Sigma 18-35mm, Rokinon Cine 50mm EF lenses
Metabones Speedbooster to Micro Four Thirds