Blackmagic announces new raw format for video

Blackmagic announces new raw format for video

Blackmagic has announced its own raw video codec, Blackmagic RAW, which it is releasing into a public beta on the URSA Mini Pro camera and DaVinci Resolve 15.1.

Developers can also use the SDK for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Like raw image files, raw video gives editors more flexibility to adjust colour and tone to tease out detail in post-production. However, file sizes can be immense.

Blackmagic says the benefit of its new raw codec is smaller file sizes, while still offering the same dynamic range, bit-depth and quality that comes with raw.

Blackmagic says the new codec is intelligent and “actually understands the camera and the sensor,” giving you full control over features like ISO, white balance, exposure and saturation.

To achieve the smaller file sizes, Blackmagic says it has moved the de-mosaicing – the process of converting sensor data into image data – is now done in-camera, which puts less pressure on your processor in post-production.

Blackmagic RAW is available in several different sizes. Blackmagic RAW Q0, or 3:1, and Q5 and 5:1 are the highest quality on offer. Also, Blackmagic says: “RAW 8:1 and 12:1 offer high quality and speed, making it suitable for productions that wouldn’t normally consider shooting RAW.”

Via The Videomaker