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Billingham Celebrates 50 Years with Limited Edition Camera Bags

Billingham's Limited Edition Camera Bags: A Timeless Tribute to 50 Years of Craftsmanship and Durability

Limited Edition Camera Bags

Billingham is marking the company’s 50-year milestone by unveiling a collection of limited-edition camera bags. In honour of their five decades of craftsmanship, these bags are designed to reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and style.

The limited edition range features some of Billingham’s most beloved camera bags, including the 72, Hadley Digital, Hadley Small, Hadley Small Pro, Hadley Pro, Hadley Pro 2020, Hadley One, and Mini Eventer. Only 100 units of each bag will be available worldwide, ensuring their exclusivity.

Each bag proudly boasts a unique “Billingham Made in England – 50 Years Limited Edition” label, embroidered in red to match the eye-catching red stitching on the black canvas and black leather exterior. This design combination exudes a sense of timeless elegance.

Moreover, every limited edition bag comes with a specially crafted black leather shoulder pad featuring red stitching, as well as a Billingham 50th-branded black drawstring bag. These unique accessories are exclusively bundled with the limited edition bags, adding to their appeal.

Billingham’s commitment to crafting high-quality bags is evident in these limited edition models. Made from premium three-layer waterproof fabric, including a core ‘StormBlock’ butyl rubber layer, these bags promise a lifetime of water resistance without the need for additional treatments.

In keeping with Billingham’s tradition of durability, these bags feature top-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, solid brass fixings, and high-density closed-cell foam padding. These materials ensure both protection and style for photographers and content creators.

Harry Billingham, Director of Billingham, reflected on the brand’s journey: “As we celebrate our 50th anniversary with this exclusive collection, we are grateful to the photographers who have been part of our journey. These bags are crafted with the promise that we will continue to serve our community with the same commitment and quality that have been our hallmark since 1973.”

Billingham has a rich history of manufacturing camera bags in England since 1973. Their reputation for meticulous attention to detail, use of premium materials, and commitment to creating waterproof, robust, yet lightweight bags have made them a favourite among photographers and content creators worldwide.

In line with their dedication to quality, each limited edition bag will undergo rigorous inspection before leaving Billingham’s factory, and it will be issued a unique serial number and a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Availability and Pricing

The limited edition collection is now available for purchase worldwide through Billingham’s official website,, for international customers and for customers in the USA. These exclusive bags can also be found at selected retailers.

Suggested Pricing:

  • 72: £150.00 ex VAT / £180.00 inc VAT / €173.00 EUR ex VAT / $203.00 USD
  • Hadley Digital: £183.33 ex VAT / £220.00 inc VAT / €210.00 EUR ex VAT / $248.00 USD
  • Hadley Small: £220.83 ex VAT / £265.00 inc VAT / €254.00 EUR ex VAT / $298.00 USD
  • Hadley Small Pro: £245.83 ex VAT / £295.00 inc VAT / €283.00 EUR ex VAT / $332.00 USD
  • Hadley Pro: £258.33 ex VAT / £310.00 inc VAT / €297.00 EUR ex VAT / $349.00 USD
  • Hadley Pro 2020: £287.50 ex VAT / £345.00 inc VAT / €330.00 EUR ex VAT / $388.00 USD
  • Hadley One: £308.33 ex VAT / £370.00 inc VAT / €355.00 EUR ex VAT / $440.00 USD
  • Mini Eventer: £362.50 ex VAT / £435.00 inc VAT / €417.00 EUR ex VAT / $489.00 USD

The Billingham range includes a variety of bags and accessories tailored to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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