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Big GoPro price reductions

GoPro Hero5 Black video sample

You can tell it’s Christmas when GoPro offers its outstanding GoPro Hero 5 cameras at a massive discount.

First up, the GoPro Hero5 Black is now available for £299, that’s a £100 price drop.

The Hero5 Black was the camera that changed everything when it came to action cameras, not only that, it raised the bar to a height that few other manufacturers have been able to get near.

It introduced a completely new design that shed the old waterproof housing for a sleek lightweight cage. It also added a superb high-resolution touch screen, voice activation and 1080p recording at 120fps.

This framerate and resolution combo is still right at the top of the specification list with few other cameras able to get close, even now. The Hero5 Black also features 4K video at 30fps.

The smaller GoPro Hero5 Session also gets a nice price reduction with a new price tag of £199.

GoPro Hero5 Session time lapse

This ultra small, cube-formed action camera again features voice activation and is an ideal camera for anyone just wanting to get into action cameras.

Despite the simple design, the video quality of the Session is excellent. This has meant that it has become the choice camera for many pros who just want to film and have fun without any of the more complex settings and features.

Both cameras are fully compatible with the GoPro App which enables you to take full control of your camera. You can get a direct live view of what you’re shooting, download footage and upload directly to the GoPro website to show off your adventures.

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