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Best Sony A7 III Accessories

Best Sony A7 III Accessories

The Sony A7 III is one of the stand out cameras of 2018. It offers an enticing combination of a 24Mp full-frame sensor, fast autofocusing, excellent tracking capability and impressive video capability, all in a compact mirrorless body. As a result, it’s proved very popular amongst enthusiast and professional photographers.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Sony A7 III accessories that we’ve tested over the last few months. 


Hahnel HL-XZ100 Battery

Best Sony A7 III Accessories

One of the first things that you’re likely to want to buy to go with the Sony A7 III is an extra battery or two.

Like the Sony NP-FZ100 that’s supplied with the camera, the Hahnel HL-XZ100 is a 7.2v unit. However, it supplies 14.4Wh at 2000mAh rather than the 16.4Wh and 2280Wh of the Sony battery. Nevertheless, we find it almost impossible to distinguish between the two batteries in normal use and the Hanhel battery is more attractively priced.



Hahnel Pro Cube 2

Best Sony A7 III Accessories

Although the Sony A7 III’s battery can be charged in the camera, many photographers like to have a battery charger. Sadly, there isn’t one in the box with the camera but the Hahnel Pro Cube 2 makes a great alternative to the Sony BC QZ1 charger. For a start, the Pro Cube 2 is a dual charger so you can charge two batteries at once. There’s also a USB port to enable you to charge up your phone or another USB device at the same time. 

Further good news is that the charger comes with a plate that snaps on top of the Sony battery plate to enable AA battery charging. And that’s not all, the camera battery plate is interchangeable and the unit is supplied with plates for the Sony NP-BX1 and FW50 batteries. These plates click in and out easily, so there’s no fiddling with cables or pins.

To top things off, there’s a display that keeps you informed about the battery status.


Gitzo Traveler A

Best Sony A7 III Accessories

There are lots of tripods around but if you fancy treating yourself to something a little bit special, take a look at the Gitzo Traveler A (or Traveler Alpha). It’s a Gitzo GK1545TA Series 1 Traveler tripod kit that has been tailored to suit Sony A9 and A7-Series cameras including the A7 III.

It’s a very high-quality tripod but the nicest part about it for Sony A7 III photographers is that the quick release plate has a lip along its front edge that is perfectly shaped to fit around the bottom front corner of their camera. That holds the camera in place well and prevents any twisting on the plate.

Gitzo Traveler a review


Gitzo L-Bracket A


Best Sony A7 III Accessories

An L-bracket is a useful device that, once attached to your camera, allows you to swap between landscape and portrait shooting mode on a tripod without the usual re-levelling. It also gives your camera a little protection from the odd knock and bump.

The Gitzo L-Bracket A is designed for use on Sony Alpha camera like the A7 III. It’s perfectly shaped to fit around two sides of the camera body, with a lip preventing it from twisting. It’s machined from aluminium, weighs only 77g and has a low profile so it doesn’t increase the size of the camera excessively.



Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSD

Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSD Review

With a maximum continuous shooting rate of 10fps and 4K video capability, you can soon fill your memory cards in the Sony A7 III. That makes a Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSD very useful.

This neat device has an SD card slot built-in and it allows you to transfer images and video automatically to its solid state memory. There’s also wireless connectivity so you can check all the images are present and correct via your phone. You can even share them from the drive using your phone and the wireless connection.


Best Sony A7 III Accessories
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