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Best Fujifilm Cameras of 2019


Fujifilm is having a real purple patch with its X-Series cameras, but how do you find the right one for you? We’ve taken a look at all the models currently available and picked the best for different types of photographer.

Best Fujifilm Camera All-Round

Best Fujifilm Camera: Fujifilm X-T3

Fujifilm X-T3

  • Well-implemented traditional controls
  • High-quality, attractive images
  • Fast, accurate focusing in good light

If we had to pick our favourite Fujifilm camera it would be the X-T3. If we had to pick our favourite camera, the Fujifilm X-T3 would be right up there.

It has the same mini-DSLR design as the X-T2 it replaces, with an electronic viewfinder at the centre of the top-plate and a traditional exposure control arrangement. However, inside, the 26Mp sensor and 4th generation processor are both new and they enable better image quality and video. There are also improvements to the autofocus and continuous shooting systems which make the X-T3 even more versatile than the camera it replaces.


Best Fujifilm camera for Beginners

Best Fujifilm Cameras

Fujifilm X-T100

  • High-quality viewfinder
  • Attractive images
  • Easy to use

Although it’s aimed at beginners, the Fujifilm X-T100 has a nice solid build, a good quality0.39inch 2,360,000-dot OLED viewfinder and a robust-feeling 3-way tilting screen (3inch, 1,040k-dot LCD). In fact, the build quality is so good, it doesn’t feel like an entry-level camera.

Inside it has a regular design 24Mp CMOS sensor rather than the X-Trans CMOS III design chip of X-series cameras further up the Fujifilm line, but it still delivers high-quality results. You also get 11 of Fujifilm’s superb Film Simulation modes, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and a straightforward interface. We’re not fans of the power zoom of the XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ kit lens, but on the whole, the X-T100 is a good choice for beginners.


Best Bargain Fujifilm Camera

Bargain Cameras

Fujifilm X-T2

  • High-quality APS-C format 24.3Mp sensor
  • Traditional exposure controls
  • Customisable Continuous AF system

The arrival of the X-T3 means that there are a few new X-T2’s available at knock-down prices and some superb value second-hand models. Most of these cameras have been used by enthusiasts who cherish their cameras but have been able to resist the draw of a new model, so they make a great bargain choice.

Although it’s aimed at enthusiast and pro photographers, the 24Mp X-T2 also has a lot to offer novice photographers. All those buttons and dials can be a little off-putting to some, but many beginners love the direct control and they really help you get to grip with the most important aspects of photography.



Best Fujifilm Camera for Street Photography

Best Fujifilm Camera: Fujifilm X-E3

Fujifilm X-E3

  • Excellent sensor and processor combination
  • Superb Film Simulation modes
  • Fast, accurate autofocus system
Inside the X-E3 is Fujifilm’s 24.3Mp X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor and X-Processor Pro processing engine combination that appears in the X-T2, X-Pro2, X-T20 and X100F. As a result, it’s capable of producing high-quality images with plenty of detail and attractive colours that are dictated by the selected Film Simulation mode.
It also has an ingenious touch-control system and a mini-joystick that takes the place of a traditional navigation pad and really improves the handling. It’s a gem of a camera and is smaller, lighter and more affordable than the X-Pro2.

Best Rangefinder-Style Fujifilm Camera


Fujifilm X-Pro2

  • High-res EVF
  • 24Mp sensor
  • 273 AF points

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 has an almost identical specification to the 24Mp APS-C format X-T2 but it has a rangefinder-like design complete with a hybrid viewfinder that allows you to swap between using an electronic and an optical viewfinder.  It’s an Advanced Hybrid Multi viewfinder and its possible to overlay a miniature version of the electronic viewfinder on the optical display to help with manual focusing.

The electronic viewfinder (EVF) has a resolution of 2.36 million in the X-Pro2 and there’s a maximum refresh rate of 85fps in High Performance power mode. On the back of the camera, there’s a fixed 3-inch LCD with 1.62 million dots.

There’s also a pretty snappy AF system with 273 AF points.


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