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Best Canon EOS RP deals

Canon EOS RP

Are you looking for a Canon EOS RP deal that will save you money? You’re not alone. The Canon EOS RP is the most affordable, new full-frame camera on the market and has been incredibly popular since its launch, thanks to its impressive spec sheet and performance, combined with a sub-£1500/$1500 price tag.

You can find the Canon EOS RP at retailers such as Adorama and Wex Photo Video.

Key Features

With 26.2 million effective pixels, the RP’s sensor is very similar to the 6D Mark II’s. The feature set is also familiar, but the architecture has been reworked for the new body and RF lens mount.

Canon is aiming the EOS RP at travel and enthusiast photographers. That seems to be the label that manufacturers give their crowd-pleasing cameras, and with a launch price of £1,399/$1,499, the Canon EOS RP is likely to attract a lot of attention. That price compares favourably with the current street price of the 6D Mark II (around £1,500/$1,500).

That price is without a lens, but Canon UK includes the RF to EF adapter in the box. That means if you already own EF lenses, they’ll work on the RP.

But let’s get back to the EOS RP’s spec sheet. Thanks to that sensor and processor combo, the Canon RP has a native sensitivity range of ISO 100-40,000. As usual this can be extended, in this case to ISO 50-102,400.

Canon has given the EOS RP an impressively-well specified autofocus (AF) system. As you’d expect with Canon, the imaging sensor is a Dual Pixel CMOS AF device, which means that the focusing uses phase detection. That’s usually faster than contrast detection.

The Dual Pixel design means that every photoreceptor is split in two so they can all play a part in focusing. There are 4,779 user-selectable AF points which cover 88% of the width and 100% of the height of the frame.

According to Canon, the RP’s AF system is operational down to -5EV when using an f/1.2 lens. That’s 1 stop behind the EOS R, but impressive nevertheless.

Face and Eye detection is also on hand and the Eye detection works with continuous AF.

Our Take

The second album is always tricky, but while the EOS R may have featured a few experimental tracks, the Canon EOS RP is a little more traditional Canon in some respects.

It’s also one of the smallest, lightest full-frame cameras available and, more significantly for some, it has the lowest launch price of any full-frame mirrorless camera to date.

Achieving that comparatively low price and small size has meant that Canon has pared back some of the features, but there’s still plenty to keep most enthusiast photographers happy.

Most importantly, the 26.2MP sensor is capable of capturing a good level of detail and both exposure and colour are handled well.

All things considered, we can live with the compromises that have been made to keep down the price and size of this full-framer.

Best Canon EOS RP Deals

Below are some of the most current – and best – Canon EOS RP deals being offered today from leading retailers.


Best Canon EOS RP deals
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Best Canon EOS RP deals
In this buyer's guide we round up some of the most current - and best - Canon EOS RP deals being offered today from leading retailers.
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