If you’ve ever popped into a photography store you’ll know that there’s a huge array of camera accessories that are designed to help you capture better images or carry your camera more comfortably. These accessories make great gifts for photographers, but if you’re not a photographer yourself, it’s hard to know what to chose. And if you are, with so many options available, it can be difficult to pick the wheat from the chaff. Thankfully here at Jabber HQ, we get hands-on with a huge range of kit so we can advise. With that in mind, here’s our buyers’ guide to the best camera accessories on the market right now.

Strap: Peak Design Slide Lite
Peak Design Slide Lite Review

Although a strap is supplied in the box with a camera, they’re not usually the best devices. They’re often a pain to attach and remove, and they can lack grip or are only suitable for hanging over your shoulder. For this reason, many photographers invest in a third party strap. There are lots on the market, but the Peak Design Slide Lite is our current favourite.

Peak Design makes three traditional-style straps, the Slide, the Leash and the Slide Lite. The Slide is the widest of the three while the Leash is the thinnest. Which means the Slide Lite sits in the middle. It’s billed as a strap for mirrorless cameras and small DSLRs, but we’ve found it works with quite a iwde range of cameras.

Helpfully, the Slide Lite’s length can be adjusted quickly and easily between 99cm and 145cm. That makes it useful for use around your neck, on your shoulder or across your body.

Another neat feature is that it attaches to a camera via Peak Design’s Anchors. These thread onto a camera’s strap lugs or they can attach via the supplied low-profile metal Anchor Mount that fixes in the tripod bush.

The Anchors snap quickly onto the strap and can be removed just as easily – which is handy if you want to support the camera on a tripod and you don’t want the strap to waft about in the wind.

Although it’s a very functional strap, the Slide Lite looks good and is available in black or Ash colours.

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BlackRapid Double Breathe - front

Harness: BlackRapid Double Breathe

  • Double harness
  • Adjustable to your height and build

Sometimes you need to carry two cameras rather than constantly swap between long and short lenses. The BlackRapid Double Breathe is the perfect choise for those occassions. It’s bascially two BlackRapid Sport Breathes joined together so that one camera is on your left and the other on your right. Each camera is attached via their tripod mount.

The Double Breathe has two shoulder pads to spread the weight of the cameras. Chest and back straps keep the 2.5cm wide straps together while the cameras hang at the lowest point of the webbing.

A snap fastening makes the chest strap easy to undo so you can take the Double Breathe off quickly and easily. And at the back, the lower strap is elasticated to add a little more comfort.

The suppled screw mounts fastened to the cameras’ tripod mounts and then lockable carabineers link them to the Double Breathe.

If you like the idea of a harness style strap, but don’t want to carry two cameras, take a look at our BlackRapid Sport Breathe review.