Benro reinvents its Combination series tripods in carbon fibre

Benro reinvents its Combination series tripods in carbon fibre

Benro has relaunched its Combination series tripods with remodelled carbon fibre legs and twist locks, priced from £400.

Aimed at wildlife and landscape photographers, the Benro Combination Series 3 tripods come in two versions: one with a three-section leg model priced £400 and a four-section model priced £410.

Both Benro Combination Series 3 tripods can each support a payload of 18kg and boast 8 layer carbon fibre tubes with magnesium alloy castings.

The Benro carbon fibre tripods both come with a flat mount platform head and are also supplied with a levelling 75mm bowl for shooting video.

The twisting lock systems require just a quarter turn to lock and unlock, Benro says.

The tripods also come with three feet options, which are all included with the kit: a traditional rubber foot, spiked feet and a ‘big’ food for more stability.

The Benro Combination carbon fibre tripods also boast a hook under the centre column and come with a padded carry bag.

The Benro Combination Series 3 Twist 3 Section tripod has a maximum height of 150cm, compared to 152cm on the four-section leg model. Both offer a minimum height of 14cm.

The four-section leg version also folds more compactly down to 57cm, compared to 67.5cm for the three-section leg model.

The Twist 3 Section, however, weight slightly less at 2.1kg compared to 2.16kg for the Twist 4 Section.

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