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Benro Incognito camera bag review

Benro Incognito camera bag review

The Benro Incognito is one of a slew of new bags launched by the company earlier this year which prioritises versatility and ruggedness.

Aimed at travel photographers and those on the go who want to pack light, the Benro Incognito can hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a lens attached, and it can also store up to three more lenses or other camera accessories such as a flashgun.

On the side of the Benro Incognito is an adjustable strap situated above a net pocket in which you can carry a compact tripod.

The main compartment – which is accessed on one side of the Benro Incognito – is lined with soft material and features adjustable dividers so that you can create a custom shape that best accommodates your assortment of cameras, lenses and accessories.

On top of this main compartment is an upper bag area with a roll top that secures via Velcro. Here you can keep personal items such as food or clothing, or yet more accessories.

Another external pocket on the other side of the bag is designed to hold smaller necessities like batteries and memory cards.

Benro Incognito review: Build quality

Benro Incognito review: Build quality

Like other Benro bags we’ve tested, the Incognito boasts a superior attention to detail with its design. Materials are strong and durable, from weather-proof exteriors to soft-but-firm interiors.

The customisable internal dividers are firm, yet malleable enough to leave you feeling like your gear is secure.

The shoulder straps are made of the same weatherproof material as the rest of the exterior of the Benro Incognito, and there’s a secondary chest strap you can fasten to keep the bag even more secure.

The shoulder straps are quite thin, but because the bag is so light – and the weight evenly distributed – you don’t actually notice.

Everything feels solid and secure. No element of the Incognito feels like it will easily tear off, and I even felt confident that I could leave the bag out in the rain.

Benro Incognito review: Performance

Benro Incognito review: Performance

I wore the Benro Incognito for about six hours straight on a recent hike through the Brecon Beacons in Wales, and I’ve been using it for several weeks on walks and camping trips.

The Incognito is light, even with all your gear, and I hardly noticed it was there. And that was even carrying – at separate times – the Benro Slim carbon fibre and aluminium tripods, which I was also testing.

The Incognito is the ideal bag for a long journey with minimal, but essential, kit.

Benro says the bag can house a DSLR or mirrorless camera plus up to three lenses. However, I think you might be able to fit more in if you’re willing to store gear in the roll-top area designed for personal items. This area is just a simple, open compartment, but it’s kept secure against your back and there’s a handle on top for carrying it, so your items in this area are kept secure.

On my walks I was able to fit in the main compartment a Panasonic TZ90 / ZS70, Fuji X-Pro1 with a lens attached, a Ricoh Theta S, Insta360 Air and 360Fly 4K 360 cameras, a Lume Cube light and GoPro chest and head straps.

In my side pocket was a Benro Slim tripod. In the roll-top compartment I was able to fit my GoPro Hero5 and Karma Grip – both in the Karma’s case – and a pair of HD video sunglasses from SunnyCam. And I probably could have fit a few more smaller accessories on board.

I was quite surprised how much I could store in the Benro Incognito, and it’s fit was much better than the Benro Ranger I tested prior to this bag (though I loved how customisable the Ranger proved and how much gear I could bring). The shoulder straps, while thin, are comfortable and stay slung over your shoulders without pulling down.

Because the main compartment is against the small of your back, the Benro Incognito doesn’t offer the quickest access, but it feels very secure, and I never worried about my equipment when bumping into trees or rocks.

I tended to keep my most frequently used items, like the GoPro, in the roll-top area, which I could access simply by slinging the bag off one of my shoulders.

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Benro Incognito review: Verdict

If you’re looking for a rugged but lightweight bag to take on your adventures, the Benro Incognito is a fine choice. It’s deceptively large and boasts a superb build quality.

If you need to carry multiple camera bodies and several lenses with you, this might not be the bag for you. But for the average day tripper looking to take one camera, another lens or two, perhaps another small compact or action camera, a tripod and some accessories – along with personal items – on a city break or walk in the woods, the Benro Incognito is ideal.

Perhaps side access to the main compartment could be an addition to a next version, but at a price point of about £65 it’s really hard to find any faults with the Incognito.

A bag with this quality of design (and customisable), that holds this much gear and costs less than a round of drinks for your mates in a London pub is just about the definition of bargain.

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