News |Benro BLB1 Universal L Bracket announced

Benro BLB1 Universal L Bracket announced

Benro BLB1 Universal L Bracket announced

An L-Bracket can revolutionise the way you use your camera, enabling the quick swapping between orientations without the need for significant re-adjustment.

The new Benro BLB1 Universal bracket features an Arca-compatible release plate that means it can be used with any Arca style head.

Using an L-bracket has several advantages over mounting your camera directly to the tripod head. First and foremost, it enables you to flip the camera from landscape to portrait without needing to recompose the shot.

This is especially useful if your shooting panoramics when shooting in portrait. By using an L-bracket rather than dropping the tripod head to 90º, the camera’s sensor stays directly above the pivot point.

By retaining the position of the sensor, you cut out any parallax effect which will happen when the camera is off-set, and that means any re-adjustment of the composition is kept to a minimum.

Benro BLB1 Universal L Bracket announced

The other advantage, especially for heavier cameras, is that the full weight of the camera stays directly above the tripod rather than off centre. This helps to provide the steadiest base possible ready for you to capture pin-sharp images.

The L-bracket wraps around the camera and enables the fast attachment and release from any Arca Swiss compatible tripod head, in the same way as any other Arca Swiss quick release plate.

Once an L-bracket is attached to your camera, it can then be left in place ready to use alongside the camera whenever you need it.

A side effect of using an L-bracket is that it will also offer the camera an extra level of protection, offering some impact protection to your camera if dropped.

The Benro BLB1 Universal Brack is available now for £50 RRP in VAT. For more information check out

Benro BLB1 Universal L Bracket announced
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Benro BLB1 Universal L Bracket announced
Benro BLB1 Universal L Bracket announced. This new L-bracket enables you to quickly swap from landscape to portait with minimal camera adjustment
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