HOW TO... BenQ launches 31.5in 4K UHD monitor for advanced photo editing

BenQ launches 31.5in 4K UHD monitor for advanced photo editing

BenQ has unveiled the 31.5in SW320 monitor with a 4K UHD screen, aimed at photographers who require a larger viewing area for making precise edits to their images.

Key features of the new BenQ monitor include a 99% Adobe RGB wide colour space and GamutDuo technology, which allows you to view content side by side in two different colour spaces.

A Hotkey Puck can assign colour spaces to preset buttons and allow users to switch between them quickly and conveniently.

The BenQ SW320 also offers an in-built SD card reader and USB 3.0 connectivity, and also comes bundled with BenQ’s Palette Master Elements software for hardware calibration (14-bit LUT) with a compatible device.

Other features include rotation capability to 90 degrees, allowing easier editing of portrait images, an HDR mode, included monitor hood and a three-year warranty.

The BenQ SW320 is now the fifth monitor in BenQ’s professional range. Other monitors in the range include the BenQ PV270 (27in), PV3200PT (32in), SW2700PT (27in) and the PG2401PT (24in).

The BenQ SW320 monitor price tag at £1,245.60 and is available to purchase through leading photo and video retailers.


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