Aurora Aperture unveils PowerXND Mark II filters

Aurora Aperture unveils PowerXND Mark II filters

Aurora Aperture has announced a new version of its PowerXND neutral density filters, introducing the PowerXND Mark II, price tags starting from $55 on up to $699.

The Aurora Aperture PowerXND-II is an upgrade from the PowerXND 2000 filter, a 5-11 stop variable ND filter launched in 2016. The PowerXND comprises the new PowerXND-II 128, which covers one to seven stops of light, and the PowerXND-II 2000, which covers from five to eleven stops of light.

Features include a direct reading scale to allow users to dial-in their desired value.

Double scales are available starting at 52mm, and larger sizes for adjusting to stop values.

Aurora has also added a new hard stop mechanism to limit the filter rotation within operating range.

There’s also a new assist lever feature designed for videography that allows users to turn the filter.

This lever is removable to accommodate different type of levers in the future.

Also, an equally sized front thread allows you to fit your lens cap or install additional filters.

A new PFPE nano coating has also been applied to ease cleaning and protect against water, oil, dust and dirt.

The new PowerXND II filters are currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter and are due to be released in September.