Atomos releases Neon 4K HDR monitor-recorder

Atomos releases Neon 4K HDR monitor-recorder

Atomos has announced the Neon, a new range of 4K HDR field monitor-recorders that comes in four screen sizes: 17, 24, 31 and 55 inches.

Designed for both on-location and in-studio shoots, each size of the new Neon monitor range is aimed at a specific production need. The 17-inch Neon monitor is made for focus pullers and as an on-set reference monitor for laptops.

The 24- and 31-inch Neon monitors are for the digital imaging technician, cinematographer, editor, director and a reference monitor for an iMac or Mac Pro. The 55-inch version is designed for clients and coluor graders.

Features include new app control, as the Neon eliminates the standard touchscreen operation. The Atomos app (currently for iOS) controls 4K recording, syncing and playback on up to 1000 Neon monitors via a Bluetooth connection.

The Atomos app also controls focus peaking, exposure, calibration, zoom, waveform monitor, RGB monitor, vectorscope and LUT selection. It also allows Neons to display real-time playback of captured shots at up to 4K at 60p in ProRes RAW, ProRes, Avid DNx and Cinema DNG.

What’s more, all Neons and any Ninja V with an AtomX Sync Module attached now perfectly frame sync together via the Atomos iOS App enabling users to import synced video and metadata to the editing suite at the end of filming.

This metadata is embedded into the Quicktime .mov file and can be read downstream by computer applications, including Atomos desktop software.

The Neon also brings the Atomos-Dolby partnership to a new range, as the monitors can deliver Dolby Vision live on-set to any Dolby Vision-capable TV or monitor.

The Atomos Neon price tags start at $3,999 for the 17-inch version, $6,499 for the 24-inch, $7,999 for the 31-inch and $16,999 for the 55-inch model.