News |Atomos announces the Ninja V+ and Ninja Stream, specs, price confirmed

Atomos announces the Ninja V+ and Ninja Stream, specs, price confirmed

Atomos announces the Ninja V+ and Ninja Stream, specs, price confirmed

Atomos has revealed that the Ninja V is to get the option for an H.265 codec upgrade, while the Ninja V+ and Ninja Stream will be added to the line up.

The Atomos Ninja V+ is designed for Apple ProRes RAW 8K productions while the Ninja Stream enables 4Kp60 HDR for high-quality streaming.

Atomos announces the Ninja V+ and Ninja Stream, specs, price confirmed
Atomos Ninja V

Ninja V H.265 (HEVC)

The original Ninja V, launched in 2018, is Atomos’s most popular product and it’s set to gain the ability to add the H.265 (HEVC) codec.

The 5” 1000nit 10-stop HDR-monitor allows videographers to monitor and record from either HDMI or SDI outputs. Atomos will continue to expand Apple ProRes RAW support on all partner cameras over HDMI and SDI.

The Ninja V will continue to receive updates for cameras and additional functionality via AtomX modules.

The Ninja V will gain H.265 workflows, with up to 4Kp60 10-bit 4:2:2 full ‘i’ frame with options for 8-bit at various data rates. These features will be added through a one-click $99 upgrade from in May 2021.

Atomos announces the Ninja V+ and Ninja Stream, specs, price confirmed
Atomos Ninja V+

Atomos Ninja V+ 

Atomos is introducing the Ninja V+ and Ninja V+ Pro Kit, which build on the Ninja V. The Ninja V+ enables monitoring and extended recording capabilities for cameras. It supports continuous recording of 8Kp30 and 4Kp120 in Apple ProRes RAW, adding to the workflow of Ninja V.

It can also record video inputs using the10-bit H.265 (HEVC) codec for high quality compressed recordings with small file sizes, which is perfect for streaming and sharing online.

The Ninja V+ has a new stealth grey bezel and greater processing power to deliver for 8k and high-frame-rate RAW recording. Using the latest chip technology, this premium Ninja has plenty of power to enable ProRes RAW recording at even higher frame rates and higher resolutions than the Ninja V. This extra power also allows the platform to add other ‘plus’ features when combined with future Atomos products and upcoming AtomX modules.

 The efficiency of ProRes RAW opens the possibility for creativity with the increase in resolution or frame rate whilst maintaining a workflow that can seamlessly slide on to the timeline of existing ProRes RAW projects. 

Ninja V+ and 8K workflow 

The Ninja V+ will be able to record 8Kp30 ProRes RAW when connected to a Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera. 

The ProRes RAW format is perfect for an 8K workflow, from ease of use natively on the timeline within Final Cut Pro, to the flexibility of the image processing with full adjustment of WB and ISO control. 

Coming later in 2021.  

Ninja V+ and 4Kp120  

Capture and visualise the unseen with 4Kp120 recording at up to ProRes RAW from the Ninja V+ and the Z CAM E2 and E2-M4 models. Fully harness the dynamic range of the sensor and capture every aspect of motion and movement directly via RAW over HDMI. Add to this the benefit of being able to play back the high-frame rate video captured on the Ninja V+ with your choice of over cranked framerate for real-time preview.   

Ninja V+ Pro Kit and 4Kp120 

To support SDI users, Atomos is also introducing the Ninja V+ Pro Kit which comes with additional accessories and enables 4Kp120 ProRes RAW recording mode from the SDI RAW output of the Sony FX9 and FX6.

The FX9 requires the XDCA-FX9 Extension unit and both the FX6 and FX9 require the AtomX SDI module with RAW activation (or the Pro Kit). 

H.265 (HEVC) 10-bit 4:2:2 Recording 

The expanded codec family is included with the Ninja V+ and Ninja V+ Pro Kit, enabled via the codec activation in the portal. Existing and future owners of the Ninja V and Ninja V Pro Kit can also upgrade to the highly efficient H.265 codec to expand their codec options. 

This feature will be available in May 2021 for $99. 

Ninja V+ and Ninja V+ Pro Kit  

The Ninja V+ comes enabled with ProRes RAW recording from 30 different cameras via HDMI and selected RAW over SDI cameras.

Like the Ninja V, it has a 5-inch 1000Nit display and a built-in 3D LUT box function as well as the option to use custom LUTs or enable the AtomHDR processing engines for built-in Log to HDR transforms.

The bright and accurate Ninja V display allows you to lock in your LOOK on set and realise the same image in post-production with the same LOOK and options for HDR in your preferred NLEs. Ninja V+ users will be able shoot at higher frame-rates of 4Kp120 and 8Kp30 in ProRes RAW, use edit-ready codecs in ProRes and Dnx and access efficient codecs like H.265.

Atomos announces the Ninja V+ and Ninja Stream, specs, price confirmed
Atomos Ninja Stream

Atomos Ninja Stream 

Atomos has also announced the Atomos Ninja Stream, which is designed specifically to overcome the challenges of today’s socially distanced productions. It enables simultaneous recordings of both ProRes and H.264/5 proxy with shared file names and timecode, whilst sending video feeds to other Ninja’s, smart devices or web-based platforms simultaneously. 

The Ninja Stream is a 5-inch 4Kp60 Connected HDR Monitor-Recorder with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB-C for streaming on productions without a computer. Video feeds are shared with others on set via Wi-Fi to devices and Ethernet 1Gbe at up to 300m and live stream content without the need for a PC – all at the same time. 

Ninja V family specs

Atomos Ninja V, Ninja V Pro Kit, Ninja V+, Ninja V+ Pro Kit and Ninja Stream price

The Atomos Ninja series prices are as follows:
Ninja V: $595 available now
Ninja V Pro Kit: $849 available in May 2021
Ninja V+: $1499 available in May 2021
Ninja V+ Pro Kit: $1699 available in May 2021
Ninja Stream: POA

The Atomos Ninja V+ is available to pre-order from Wex Photo Video in the UK and B+H Photo Video or Adorama in the USA


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