Are those Canon concept cameras set for release?

Canon shows off 360, AI-driven concept cameras at The Photography Show 2018

Earlier this year at The Photography Show Canon showed off a series of AI-driven concept cameras it was developing.

The first Canon concept camera was a wearable camera with 360-degree movement that’s driven by artificial intelligence to recognise interesting scenes from your daily life and take photos, and another modular-style camera.

The second Canon concept camera was a modular style device. The model Canon showed us has a sort of loupe that mounts to the back and serves as a viewfinder.

Now, the Japanese publication Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun has published an article stating that Canon plans to launch several new cameras aimed at young people, as soon as this year.

The images from the article, though, look fairly similar to those prototypes we saw earlier this year. Via Photo Rumors:

You can see three camera prototypes in the article. The first is a screenless camera, called “outdoor activity camera” that can connect to a smartphone to view photos. The second is a small camera where you can change the focal length between 100mm and 400mm. The last camera is a stand-type camera with voice recognition and automatic tracking function. The article also mentions another camera for kids (no pictures).