Aputure launches Bowens Spotlight Mount


Aputure has officially launched the world’s first Bowens Spotlight Mount – priced $259 – which is interchangeable between three 19-, 26- and 36-degree lenses.

Aputure says these clear lenses can enhance light by as much as 10x for the Aputure 120D II. There’s also built-in technology to help reduce chromatic aberrations and fringing down to 1mm at 0.5m.

Aputure’s new modifier mount promises more user control with internal shutters for shaping the light, a removable iris, dual slots for gels and gobos, among other features. And it can be attached to 120D, 120D Mark II and 300D Aputure lights with Bowens mounts.

The Bowens Spotlight Mount has a dual Junior/Baby mount that can be attached to a lighting grid in the studio or a C-stand and combo-stand out in the field.

The Bowens Spotlight Mount is made of lightweight aluminium alloy and is available now from retailers like Adorama in the US. A UK release date wasn’t available at the time of writing.