Apple iOS 13 adds new tools to Camera, Photos apps


Apple has previewed its new iOS 13, which features new AI-driven browsing and editing tools for its Camera and Photo apps.

Using on-device machine learning, the revamped Photos app in iOS 13 scans your image library and curates what it believes are your best images to showcase your most significant events and days.

The algorithm hides what it deems to be clutter and duplicate images, and also adds auto-play videos to your library.

Apple has also enhanced the on-device photo editing process with new tools. Users can now make Portrait Lighting adjustments directly in the Camera app to sharpen eyes and brighten facial features.

Apple says this new Portrait Lighting feature is designed to simulate the effect of moving a light source closer or further away from a subject. Adjustments can be made by simple swiping gestures.

A new High-Key Mono filter also lets you convert your Portrait mode images into bold monochrome portraits.

iOS 13 also expands most of the existing photo editing tools, making them available for video editing directly in the Photos app.