App-controlled Capsule360 motion box moves your camera as you move your smartphone

App-controlled Capsule360 motion box moves your camera as you move your smartphone

MIOPS has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new app-controlled motion box called the Capsule360, which can make automated pans, tilts and slides.

Aimed at videographers, the Capsule360 can also learn what motions to make based on your manual movements of your smartphone.

The Capsule360 is compatible with any SLR, mirrorless camera or smartphone and also offers subject tracking and features for capturing 360-degree product photography, time-lapse videos and star trails.

The Capsule360 quickly met its fundraising target of £56,000 and is sitting at £109,245 with 27 days to go at the time of writing.

The MIOPS Capsule360 price tag is $179 when you back the campaign. Capsule360 features include:

3-Axis Motion The Capsule360 is designed to allow users to quickly create perfect motion for video clips. Straight out of the box it’ll produce smooth pans, while with the optional L-Bracket tilt motion can be added, and camera sliding with the Capsule Slider accessory. This movement requires no ca-bles, while all aspects of its speed and direction can be controlled via the MIOPS app.

One-Touch Object and Face Tracking Whether you’re self-shooting a vlog and want to be able to self-track during filming, or just want a smoother method of following subjects around a scene, the Capsule360 can automatically track any object with just one click in its intuitive smartphone app

Automated 360° Product Photography Using the Capsule360 application and the Capsule360’s turntable accessory available separately, you can program your camera or smartphone to capture interactive 360° images of products quickly and automatically.

Enhanced Motion Time-Lapse Modes Produce time-lapses like never before, by using the Capsule360 to add motion to creations and control its speed and direction. With the device’s app, you can also take the strain out of adding advanced effects to it such as bulb ramping, interval ramping, HDR and long-exposure.

Star Tracking Mode Astrophotography has never been so easy! Just mount your Capsule360 to a tripod and start photographing the night sky in unrivalled detail. Capsule360 can be set to automatically track the motion of stars precisely, ensuring super sharp star photos at shutter speeds that would normally result in streaky trails.

Automatic Setup Don’t waste any of your time on-location, simply mount your equipment onto the Capsule360, and alongside the smartphone application, it’ll detect its function and position instantly.

Learn Motion Path From Manual Movement  Capsule360 can learn motion paths from manual movement, just demonstrate them with a smart-phone attached, and they can be repeated as many times as desired. The ability to replicate motion seamlessly allows complex visual effects to be produced during editing. You can configure the speed of this motion and all of its other settings from the mobile application via Bluetooth. 

Motorized Dolly Accessory With the Capsule Dolly, it’s also possible to create stylish linear and curved slide movements for video on flat surfaces. Just connect the Capsule360 unit to it, and control the distance and direction of the dolly’s movement easily via the app.

Compact, Powerful and Easy to Use Capsule360 has a powerful built-in rechargeable battery which will last at least for 8 hours of continuous use in most modes, and for up to one week when capturing time-lapses. It’s also possible to connect an external USB power source to the device for extended shooting times. Despite all of its functionality the Capsule 360 weighs a mere 250g and is only 105mm at its longest dimension.