News |Analog black and white boost to Nik Collection

Analog black and white boost to Nik Collection

Nik Collection 2.3

Today DxO announces the latest release of Nik Collection 2.3. An update that focuses on black and white with ten new film stocks to choose from.

The new film stocks include Adox Silver Max 21, Agfa Scala 200x, Bergger BRF 400 Plus, Foma 100, Fuji Neopan 400, Ilford Pan 100 and 400, Polaroid 667 and 672, and Rollei 100 Tonal.

These additions have been carefully selected by imaging experts DxO, with Adox Silver Max 21 offering fine grain and ability to produce deep blacks and a wide range of greys, an ideal option for portraits. 

Bergger BRF 400 Plus offers balanced contrast and grain and lends itself to landscape shots. 

Foma 100, a panchromatic film features fine grain, high resolution, and smooth grey tonal graduation even in bright conditions, making it suited to landscape and studio. 

Ilford 100 and 400 are classic film stocks and widely used due to their versatility and sharpness, then there’s Rollei 100 Tonal with its fine grain and soft contrasts, all of which are good for architecture.

Fuji Neopan 400 makes an appearance and will reignite peoples passion for street photography and flashless indoor portraits.

 Slide film Agfa Scala 200x, Polaroid 667 and 672 films complete the latest additions.

This update is all about the pre-sets and getting the look you want.

Price & Availability of Nik Collection 2.3

The Nik Collection 2.3 by DxO is now available for download on the DxO website ( for £125 for the full version and for £69 for the upgrade. Users who purchased Nik Collection 2 by DxO after June 2019 may upgrade their software for free.

Analog black and white boost to Nik Collection
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Analog black and white boost to Nik Collection
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