News |Alice Camera raises combined $500,000

Alice Camera raises combined $500,000

Alice Camera

Earlier this year, 2021, we reported on the Alice camera. An innovative AI-driven mirrorless camera that looked to change the face of modern photography. 

Today, the founders of the Alice Camera have announced that they have raised $500,000 to scale Alice’s AI and computational abilities for creators and professionals. 

The London based imaging start-up has come a long way in a short time with plenty of backing to help realise the dream for the first truly AI-driven interchangeable lens camera available. 

These additional funds will help the company create a proprietary photo database that will add to what has already been created with the ingestion of over 5 million images. 

Vishal Kumar, CEO and Co-founder, said, “Our AI and computational photography pipeline is our unique selling point compared to other professional consumer cameras on the market today. We are grateful to our investors, who have supported our vision to provide creators with cutting-edge on-camera AI and software features to streamline their content production workflow.

“An online video creator will spend $100 per month on editing software and up to 10 hours editing DSLR footage on their laptop to produce a single YouTube video. Because Alice is a mirrorless camera that attaches to the user’s smartphone, our aim is for creators to shoot DSLR-quality footage, edit and share from their smartphone in less than an hour, 10X faster, bypassing their laptop entirely.”

Alice camera AI features aid photographers and videographers in various ways, including applying LUTs and colour presets to footage and stills in real-time. There are no complex edits or colour grades; simply see the image as it will look and save hours editing. 

The company has already raised $200,000 through pre-orders of the camera on Indiegogo, over 720% more than their original target. 

The Alice Camera will be shipped to customers in April 2022, when the RRP will be $1,499 for the body only. However, creators can benefit from a special End of Year offer of $750 (50% discount) by signing up at this link. The offer lasts until 31st December 2021.

If you want to see the Alice camera in action, then check out the social media feeds. We’ll bring you a full review of the camera as soon as we have a review sample. 

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