Adobe has announced a new update to Photoshop CC, which introduces a Select Subject tool allowing users to make selections with a single click.

Photoshop CC’s new Select Subject tool is driven by Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI technology. Adobe Sensei is able to identify prominent subjects in an image, allowing users to click said subject once and make a selection, Adobe says.

Adobe’s sample image above and the video below show how it works.

Photoshop CC version 19.1 also introduces a new decontamination slider to the Select and Mask tools, as well as support for Windows High Density Monitors.

Photoshop on Windows 10 Creator’s Edition now offers a full range of choices for UI scale factors from 100% through 400%. Photoshop will now automatically adjust itself based on your Windows settings, making it simple to set up.

Other additions include the SVG compatibility with Adobe XD CC, meaning you can copy and paste multiple text styles and effects from Photoshop to Adobe XD.

The updates in Photoshop CC version 19.1 are available for both Mac and Windows users.