Adobe to increase Creative Cloud price in US, but not Photography Plan

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Adobe plans to increase the price of its Creative Cloud service next month in the United States and will be rolling out a 6% increase across all annual app plans, however the Photography Plan pricing will remain the same.

The Creative Cloud price tag here in the UK will remain the same, Adobe tells us.

DPReview broke the news after its staff received emails from Adobe stating that the price of Creative Cloud will be increasing from $49.99 per month to $52.99 on 16 April 2018. However, the price will not change until one’s next renewal date.

DPReview reached out to Adobe, which confirmed the changes to Creative Cloud’s pricing and that the Photography Plan would remain unchanged. Adobe’s statement reads:

As announced in October 2017 at Adobe MAX, for the first time since the introduction of Creative Cloud five years ago, a modest adjustment in commercial pricing will take effect for customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico on April 16, 2018 or at existing customers’ next contract renewal. Beginning April 16, new subscribers will benefit from the current pricing and can lock in a year subscription at no additional charge. Prices will vary by plans—for example, Creative Cloud for Individuals All App annual plans will experience a 6% increase to $52.99 per month from $49.99 per month. These pricing updates do not impact our Student/Education, Creative Cloud Photography, XD or Acrobat CC plans.

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