Adobe quietly drops $10 Photography Plan, raises price to $20


Adobe customers have reported that the company’s Photography Plan, which gives access to the Photoshop and Lightroom apps for $10 per month, has now increased in price.

Many Adobe users have reported that the $9.99 / 20GB storage option has disappeared, and only a $19.99 / 1TB storage option remains.

PetaPixel spoke to Adobe and a representative confirmed that the $10 plan is no longer being offered for many customers.

However, PetaPixel adds that this limitation is only on Adobe’s website. If you call its sales line or use the online chat, Adobe’s sales team still has the option to sell you the $10 plan.

The Adobe rep also says that the 100% price hike hasn’t been set in stone, so it could be subject to change.

If you are a $10 Photography Plan subscriber and want to maintain that rate in the wake of a permanent rise in price, you can buy a 12-month subscription now at the $10 rate from a reseller like Adorama. You can then add up to three more years of subscription to your account at that rate as well.