Adobe launches Photoshop on iPad, Lightroom updates, previews Photoshop Camera

Photoshop on iPad

Adobe has officially launched its Photoshop on iPad app, as well as updates to Lightroom and Premiere Pro powered by Adobe’s Sensei AI technology.

Launched today at the Adobe MAX show in Los Angeles, Photoshop on iPad promises much of the same functionality as Adobe’s desktop version of Photoshop.

Photoshop on iPad

Crucially, Photoshop on iPad offers full support of PSD files, meaning users can work seamlessly between devices on the same images. Edits to images created on Photoshop on iPad will be backed up automatically to Creative Cloud. This means when you open these images on your computer in the desktop version, your edits will pick up where you left off.

Not all functionality from Photoshop’s desktop version is available in the iPad version, but many of the key tools for compositing and retouching are here, such as layers, masking, cloning, brushes, cropping and others are available. Adobe has adjusted them slightly to accommodate touch control, but they otherwise work the same.

Adobe Photoshop on iPad is available to download for all Creative Cloud customer who subscribe to Photoshop. Or you can purchase it through the Apple App Store. Visit Adobe’s website for more information.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe also previewed a new Photoshop Camera mobile app that promises to bring Photoshop functionality to the point of capture. The Photoshop Camera app will use Adobe’s Sensei AI technology to auto-enhance images and apply different effects.

New Lightroom updates

Adobe also announced a series of new interactive, in-app tutorials on its desktop Lightroom app. The new Lightroom tutorials guide users through the process of how to edit photos to get specific effects.

Other new updates to Lightroom include a Panorama Fill Edges too that uses Content-Aware Fill technology to fill in the edges of an image.

Premiere Pro

Adobe also announced a new Auto Reframe tool for its Premiere Pro video editing software. Auto Reframe uses Adobe Sensei to analyse your footage and apply panning and cropping to keep the action central in the frame.

Visit Adobe’s blog for more information on today’s software updates.