Adobe, Insta360 partner to add 360 editing tools to Premiere Pro CC

Adobe, Insta360 partner to add 360 editing tools to Premiere Pro CC

Adobe and Insta360 have joined forces to add new 360 editing tools to Adobe’s video editing software, Premiere Pro CC, which is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

The integration now enables users of the Insta360 Pro to install an extension for Premiere Pro and import their spherical videos directly into Premiere Pro CC.

The free extension enables users to edit their video before stitching the original footage by generating ‘quick-stitched, lower-resolution’ substitute version of the full-quality footage. Once this proxy version is created, users can then make edits as normal within Premiere Pro.

Insta360 says that working with a proxy version offers the following advantages:

  • Stitching time at the start of a project is greatly reduced — down to just what’s necessary to generate the proxy video.
  • The software can perform smoothly during editing — without the processor-dragging challenge of navigating and displaying an 8K video file.
  • The video is only compressed a single time, during final export, ensuring maximum image quality. In a traditional workflow, there would be two compressions — one during initial stitching and one during final export.
  • Users can cut down the proxy version to exactly the parts that are necessary for their project. In the end, only the footage that’s used is stitched, avoiding any wasted time spent stitching footage that doesn’t make the final cut.

Once your edits are made, then export the video and all your changes in the proxy version will be applied to a full-quality version. This footage can then be stitched using Insta360’s algorithm.