Adobe CC update announced: Photoshop to go mobile and new video editing app

Adobe CC update announced: Photoshop to go mobile

I must admit that I’ve found myself checking my watch a few times during the last few briefings about updates to Adobe Creative Cloud. There’s been a lot of chat about collaborative working, helping designers creating apps and web stuff. Or something. This time, however, Adobe caught my attention. There’s some really exciting stuff for photographers.

The biggest news is that Photoshop is going mobile with Photoshop CC on iPad. And we’re not talking about a heavily-reined-in version, it’s proper photoshop with layers and all the tools we’re used to. Naturally, there’s been some redesign work done to make it suit the size and shape of an iPad. And there’s been some careful thinking about how to make it work with a device that relies on touch-control. 

Adobe CC update announced: Photoshop to go mobile

So far I’ve only seen a demonstration, but I’m pretty excited. It looks like a great way to use Photoshop. It even lets you open PSD files and edit them with Photoshop’s usual tools.

Set to arrive in 2019, Photoshop CC for iPad will let you swap between desktop and your iPad when you’re working on your shots. Ultimately, however, it will be possible to use Photoshop on your phone.

Adobe has also been working on its Content Aware Fill technology for Photoshop. That means we can anticipate being able to get rid of more unwanted items in images more convincingly. Here’s an example of it in action:

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Adobe has also announced an exciting new video editing app called Premiere Rush CC. It works across a range of platforms – desktop, tablet and phone. It’s launching immediately for iOs, with the Android version coming in 2019. Its aim is to make video editing and sharing faster and easier.

Adobe has Youtubers and wannabe influencers in mind, anyone who wants to create and share video on a daily basis.

Adobe CC update announced: New mobile video editing package called Rush to come in 2019

Adobe CC update announced: New mobile video editing package called Rush to come in 2019

Helpfully, Rush will integrate with Adobe Premiere so you can swap to the more powerful package and back if you like. Also, it will automatically configure your video to suit the social media channel that you want to share to. That sounds useful and time-saving.

Again, I’ve yet to use Premiere Rush, but it looked great in the demonstration. It could be a useful solution for many people. However, the $9.99 monthly fee (see below for details) may seem a bit steep for some. 

Adobe CC update announced

Premiere Rush CC Price

Premiere Rush CC costs $9.99/month for individuals, $19.99/month for teams, and $29.99/month for enterprise customers.

It’s also included as part of Creative Cloud All Apps plan, Premiere Pro CC single app, the Student plan, and comes with 100 GB of CC storage. More storage can be purchased if required.

There’s also a free Premiere Rush CC Starter Plan. This gives access to all Premiere Rush CC features, the use of the desktop and mobile apps, and the ability to create an unlimited number of projects but you can only export up to three projects.

Lightroom Updates

Adobe has also announced a few updates for Lightroom. The main focus is on making it easier to find the images you want. For example, Adobe Sensei has been enlisted to help identify people in photos to power People View.

In addition, a new Share tab is being introduced to make it easier to access shared albums and images made through This tab will also enable you to share albums to your portfolio on Adobe portfolio (not to be confused with Adobe Behance).

A new Apple Photo Migrator is being introduced to help access images stored in Apple Photos via Lightroom.

Adobe is also introducing a tool that will simplify creating HDR Panoramas. Look out for Merge to HDR Panorama next time you bracket a panorama shoot sequence.

Anything Else?

As usual with an Adobe update, there are lots of other updates here and there. The most significant to photographers is an upgrade to Adobe Camera Raw so the raw files from a host of new cameras can be edited. Hurrah.

There was also something about collaboration. And designers.