Adobe has announced a host of new video tools to its Creative Cloud platform, including VR creation and character animation, the software giant has revealed.

Adobe’s new virtual reality video creation will be possible via a dedicated viewing environment in Premiere Pro. Video editors will soon be able to use keyboard driven editing for trimming and markers while wearing the same VR head-mounts as their audience.

What’s more, Adobe says the update will mean audio can be determined by orientation or position. You can then export it as ambisonics audio for VR-enabled platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Adobe’s VR effects and transitions are now native and accelerated via the Mercury playback engine.

Also coming will be Adobe’s Character Animator 1.0, which brings a revamp of core and custom animation functions, such as pose-to-pose blending, new physics behaviours and visual puppet controls.

Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI network, now helps improve lip-sync capability by matching mouth shape with spoken sounds.

Adobe Audition will also be updated to add flexible session organisation to multi-take workflows and continuous playback while editing.

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