ADATA launches new 256GB, 512GB 3D NAND external SSDs

ADATA launches new 256GB, 512GB 3D NAND external SSDs

ADATA Technology has updated its Premier SC660H and Premier SV620H external SSDs, introducing new models that are part of the company’s move to 3D NAND Flash in all new SSDs and refreshes of existing models.

The SC660H and SV620H both feature 3D TLC NAND instead of traditional 2D NAND to provide increased reliability, durability, and efficiency, the company says.

The new ADATA SSD drives connect to host PCs via USB 3.1 Gen 1, and are available in 256GB and 512GB as opposed to 240GB and 480GB in the original SC660/SV620.

Performance is 440MB/s read and 430MB/s write in both models, ADATA says.

The SC660H measures just 9.6mm tall and weighs 73g, while the SV620H weighs 76g.

Both drives employ a sandblasted titanium enclosure that makes them shock and scratch resistant.

ADATA says the 3D TLC NAND used on the two external SSDs is more reliable than 2D NAND and enables the refreshed SC660H and SV620H to offer more space than their predecessors without consuming extra power.

Price informations wasn’t available at the time of writing. For more information, visit ADATA’s website.


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