News |Activate your GoPro Hero5 from a distance with the Remo remote

Activate your GoPro Hero5 from a distance with the Remo remote

GoPro Remo

The GoPro Hero5 has once again proved that GoPro is the leader when it comes to action cameras. The compact rugged camera packs in features that show without a doubt that GoPro know exactly what their users need in order to capture spectacular point of view footage. One of the biggest new features of the GoPro Hero5 is the voice activation.

Now the hotly anticipated REMO remote hits the shelves. This waterproof voice activated device is able to understand commands in 10 languages and will be able to determine your commands even over the whistle of the wind or when used in other noisy conditions.

The list of voice commands reflects the GoPro Hero5, so you may wonder why you need the voice activated remote. As with previous GoPro remotes you can use the large button on the remote as a simple press to start and stop recording.

This will of course bypass the voice command altogether, but it’s major reason for existence is for activating the camera by voice from a distance.

Using the remote you can voice activate the list of commands from a distance of up to 10m away from the camera. To see the remote in action check out this video of GoPro’s snow athletes, Jamie Anderson, Julia Mancuso and Lynsey Dyer, keep an eye out for footage of them cutting tracks in Chile in the latest GoPro video

For more information also check out the product education video or see the GoPro website..


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