News |Action X Collection from Shimoda Launches on Kickstarter

Action X Collection from Shimoda Launches on Kickstarter


We looked at a couple of the Shimoda bags earlier in the year and were impressed by the design and innovation.

Now the company has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the new Action X collection, again aimed at the world’s most adventurous content creators.

The campaign started on October the 15th and has already smashed the target set and it’s easy to see why. The new lines feature three all-new bags; the X30, X50 and X70.

Shimoda’s innovation comes through the design of their straps, back system and modular build, which has been developed to reduce pain and fatigue through adjustability.

Inside the bags a selection of modules known as Core Units can be configured to your needs, whether that’s photo, video or something else.

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Shimoda is keen to give back to Nature the subject of a significant portion of its customer base. Along with the Kickstarter campaign, Shimoda will be donating 1% of the total sales to Give Back To Nature.

All new Shimoda Action X30 & X50 launched

The first two bags in the new collection the Action X30 and X50 and these have been build for adventure photographers. The streamlined design has been developed to enable a photographer to pack everything they need while offering a high level of protection from the elements wherever they are.

The backpacks feature a sizeable fast access side panel that enables quick access to camera kit when needed. On the back, a large panel flips open to reveal the extensive cavity with Core Units inside.

Action X Series Specifications

  • Adjustable torso-height
  • Expandable Roll-Top with 7L of extra storage
  • 15-inch laptop sleeve
  • Removable/Swappable Harness Straps compatible with the Women’s Strap Collection as well as ‘Extra Cushion’ Plus Straps
  • 2 tripod or water bottle pockets
  • Large side-access opening
  • Removable waist belt
  • TPU ski straps
  • Removable helmet holder
  • Padded, shoulder strap mounted phone pocket
  • Shoulder strap mounted water bottle or accessory pocket
  • Numerous accessory attachment points and straps
  • 2 heavy duty carry handles
  • Weatherproof YKK SplashGuard zippers

New and updated v2 CORE UNITS

Core Units have been an integral part of the Shimoda bag system and with the launch of the Action X series the company has updated and added to the options.

The Medium Mirrorless Core Unit v2 is specifically designed to work with the X30 and is perfect for non-gripped Mirrorless and DSLR bodies.

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The updated v2 Medium and Large DSLR sized Core Units are designed to match perfectly with the X50. The DSLR depth is built to for gripped DSLR or Mirrorless bodies.

The updated v2 Core Units feature integrated side-access points in the sidewall which can be positioned to intersect with the side-access panel of either the X30 or X50 backpacks.

Action X70 and DV Core Units

Finally, we come to the largest in the group and the new Core Units designed for use with it.

With 70 litres of capacity, this camera backpack is substantial and supplies space for those getting off the beaten track and needing a bag that extends its reach far beyond the basics of a camera bag.

There’s plenty of space for your imaging and support gear, alongside clothing, food and camping equipment for an overnight stop,

Large expandable pockets on either side of the pack are ideal for stashing additional kit, bottles, gimbals or even tripods.

Finally, Shimoda has also developed their Women’s straps, and these can be ordered at no charge when you purchase one of the new Action X bags.

These straps will be available in three styles Simple, Simple Petite, and Tech.

Shimoda Action series is currently available on Kickstarter at

Action X Collection from Shimoda Launches on Kickstarter
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Action X Collection from Shimoda Launches on Kickstarter
Action X Collection from Shimoda Launches on Kickstarter and the campaign has already smashed it's target. The new bags X30, X50and X70 bags look amazing.
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