Action Cameras

Action cameras are that rare device that crosses all demographics. Appealing to photographers, thrill-seekers, holidayers, to the young and old, the technically savvy to not, action cameras are simple devices that allow you to capture images and video from vantage points you never would have imagined possible. They even have their industrial uses.

Here you will find all of the latest news, buyer's guides and reviews of action cameras from companies like GoPro, Garmin, GoXtreme, Olfi, Nikon, Olympus, Dazzne and many more.

Apeman A77 Review Score 70%

Apeman A77 Review

There’s an increasing amount of decent entry level action cameras. In this Apeman A77 Review we take a look at one solid performer.

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Olfi camera offer flash sale on the One.Five

Olfi camera is running a bank holiday weekend special with a huge discount off their Olfi One.five camera enabling you to pick up the camera for just £119 instead of the usual price of £149.  For full details check out I originally looked at the Olfi One.Five back in October 2016 and was impressed by…

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Yi Discovery Review Score 75%

Yi Discovery Review

The Yi Discovery is the latest camera in the range and joins the Yi Lite, Yi 4K and Yi 4K+ as the entry level model. It packs in the features that will appeal to anyone just getting into action cameras. Check out what we think here at Camera Jabber for the Yi Discovery review.

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GoPro releases GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard

We predicted GoPro’s with Colour in our GoPro Hero 7 rumour piece, but the new GoPro sleeve + Lanyard wasn’t quite what we meant. Anyway it’s here and adding a bit of colour to the action camera world so that’s got to be good.

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Yi Lite Review Score 90%

Yi Lite Review

At less than £100 / $100 the Yi Lite action camera raises the game at the entry level. Featuring 1080p at 60fps it’s ideal for capturing the action, and the responsive touch screen and app control makes it simple and easy to use. Check out the Yi Lite Review to find out how it performs.

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GoPro Hero Review

GoPro has bucked the 4K trend and launched a new entry-level action at the budget end of the market. But does it offer that same GoPro quality? Find out in our GoPro Hero review.

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