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HOW TO... 8 great New Year’s resolutions for photographers

8 great New Year’s resolutions for photographers

The start of a new year is a great time to kick off resolutions. In this guest post, the team at Jessops shares their best New Year’s resolutions for photographers to help you set some photography-related promises that’ll see you taking even better pictures by the end of the coming 12 months.

01 Try a new genre

Don’t limit yourself to a specific style of photography; maybe there’s a genre you’ve never tried but which would be perfect for you. The basic rule to follow is that if you’ve found it interesting, you should take a photo of it – and of course, you’ll always have your camera with you, won’t you? You can take a look at Jessops’ Academy courses and experiences for inspiration.

02 Read my camera’s manual

It’s easy to just open the box and crack on – but spending time with your camera’s guide can be the key that unlocks a more enjoyable shooting experience. Paying special attention to the role of your camera’s buttons and dials and understanding their functions will make it easier for you to adjust settings quickly and capture 2017’s best momenta before they pass.

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03 Get some feedback

Promise that in this coming year, you’ll show your best work to a professional or someone whose opinion you trust. Getting expert critique is a fantastic way to improve your picture-taking – advice could be the secret weapon that’ll take your images to the next level.

04 Do more with my pictures

So many of us leave our best work languishing on a hard drive or our camera’s memory cards – so why not resolve to make something with the pictures you’re proudest of? Try setting a reminder on your phone prompting you to review your shots from the past 30 days and observes your talent as it progressed.

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05 Sort out my filing system (and backup)

If your hard drive is a mess of picture files, make this year the time to organise it once and for all. Set aside a day to sort, label and rate your photos – and then get another back-up hard drive and make a copy of your work to store in a safe place.

06 Try a 365 or 52

As the name suggests, these challenges see you take a photo every single day or week for a year. They can be hard to commit to, but if you make your daily or weekly photo part of your routine and stick to it, you’ll be hugely proud come next January to see how your photo skills have improved.

07 100 Strangers

One for the brave or those looking to improve their people pictures, this challenge sees you commit to taking 100 portraits of total strangers throughout the year ahead. These aren’t candid shots stolen from a distance, but real portraits which involve you asking the subject for permission and posing them with a suitable background.

08 Show people your work

One simple way to ensure you stay on track with your photo resolutions is to upload your shots to a site like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and share your intention with others – that way they’ll be there to cheer you on when you succeed and provide inspiration if you get stuck.

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