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8 alternative uses of the DOCZ2


The old adage that size matters is inversely true when it comes to 3 Legged Thing’s DOCZ2: it’s small but don’t be fooled, as its versatility is mighty.DOCZ2 is a dual-purpose product. On the one hand, it is a monopod foot stabiliser, and yet it also can transform into a rugged mini tripod.

In its primary use, it can be attached directly to the base foot of any monopod with a ¼”-20 or ⅜”-16 thread, instantly adding an extra level of support. It’s ideal when you’re shooting wildlife or sport.

But, it’s so much more. With the new dual 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch mount, you can now bolt it directly into the base of your camera providing a robust micro tripod.

A micro tripod is an obvious use, but due to the strength and design of the DOCZ2, there are many other potential uses that just wouldn’t be possible with lighter weight mini tripods.

Let’s take a look at a few of the different ways you can use the 3LT DOCZ2 to maximise its full potential:

Micro Tripod


Let’s start with the most obvious and primary use: a micro tripod for your DSLR or mirrorless camera. A DOCZ2 in the bag is lightweight and adds little bulk, but out and about it’s the perfect support for capturing landscapes anywhere. Pop it onto a wall top and use the ball head to level the camera for quick and sturdy support.

Mic stand

Need to record a voice-over or sound effect? Then the DOCZ2 is the perfect solution and will quickly adapt to a desktop mic stand. Just bolt in an adapter and screw into the compact ball head. Loosening the small central rubber foot will release the ball head for free movement.

Action camera support

The compact action camera might be designed to capture the action, but they’re packed with additional features. Pop the action camera onto the DOCZ2, and you’re ready to shoot stunning timelapse sequences. Fold-down the legs, switch the camera to Hyperlapse, and you have the ultimate compact creative tool.

Lighting stand


This has to be one of the most common uses for micro tripods. The small size coupled with a Rotolight NEO II makes it an ideal stand for adding a touch more lighting when needed. The small size and lightweight nature of the set-up makes a NEO + DOCZ2 combo an essential kit for lifting or eradicating shadows.

Flash stand

Off-camera flash can revolutionise your photography. Using the DOCZ2 as a flashgun stand is a quick and simple way to set up off-camera flash, making it far easier to control the direction and handling of the light. Pop a flashgun onto DOCZ2 placed on a table, or cabinet for more complex off-camera flash effects.

Camera Phone stand


Find yourself a smartphone adapter and attach it to the DOCZ2. Pop your phone between the claws and you’re set to go. Whether it’s shooting long exposures or filming a selfie, the DOCZ2 with mobile adapter offers plenty of opportunities for your everyday photography.

Reflector stand

Need to add a little light into the shadows or add warmth, then a reflector is a great way to do this. Because the DOCZ2 is far more robust than other mini tripods and has a maximum load capacity of 20kg, it’s able to support a reflector such as the Lastolite HaloCompact.

Calibrator stand

You may calibrate your monitor to ensure perfect colour, but as the light in your room changes, so will the influences on the colours your monitor displays. Today many monitor calibrators incorporate a live monitoring mode that adjusts your monitor as the light changes. The DOCZ2 is the perfect solution to hold you monitor calibrator to ensure your colours are always right.

As you can see, the DOCZ2 is an incredibly versatile piece of kit with multiple uses that will help you to enhance your photography.

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8 alternative uses of the DOCZ2
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8 alternative uses of the DOCZ2
The DOCZ2 is a true dual-purpose product. One th one hand, it is a monopod foot stabiliser, and the other a rugged mini tripod. But is this all?
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