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HOW TO... 5 quick Thanksgiving photography tips

5 quick Thanksgiving photography tips

Almost as fun as eating the turkey itself at Thanksgiving is taking and sharing photos of your wonderful spread. In this quick tutorial the team at the stock photo agency Dreamstime shared their five best Thanksgiving photography tips to help your food photos on the big day.

01 Use color to your advantage

Cooking and food is very much all about color, so be sure to coordinate the setting and table display in a way that will make your food stand out. Be conscious of pots, plates, serving dishes and table cloths, and make sure the colors compliment the dish.

Thanksgiving photography tips: 02 Make sure your props are clean

02 Make sure your props are clean

Keep a towel handy to wipe splattered sauces and messy foods from the edges of plates, serving spoons, and other props in your picture.

03 Using people in your photos

It’s encouraged to place people in the background or show a hand serving, but be careful of being too distracting. You want to concentrate on the food or table setting, and busy backgrounds will introduce unnecessary clutter in the picture.

04 Be careful of light/reflectiveness

The worst sin is shiny food. A buttery sauce can just look greasy if the light is too reflective on the sauce, so beware of glare.

05 Go macro

Extreme close-ups are a very good option for food; macro helps you achieve that tempting look that makes your audience drool. It is also helpful to blur the background a bit for even greater visual impact. Use a tripod for best results on macro images.


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