News |This 3D video lens for GoPro costs less than $100s

This 3D video lens for GoPro costs less than $100


A new 3D video lens designed for GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 has been developed and is currently seeking crowdfunding for release.

The Vitrima 3D lens requires no additional software for playback, its makers claim. Once you’ve used it to record a video with a GoPro Hero3 or Hero4, videographers can then download the video directly to a smart device.

Alternatively, users can upload directly to YouTube for viewing on a virtual reality headset. Recorded video can also be live streamed over Wi-Fi.

There are two versions of the Vitrima lens, with a waterproof lens or lightweight option available on the crowdfunding site indiegogo where the starting price tag clocks in at less than $100.

Vitrima has already raised 320% of its $20,000.

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