Tutorials |New Camera MX app lets you animate photos with creative editing

HOW TO... New Camera MX app lets you animate photos with creative editing

Camera MX, a new photo app for Android, allows camera phone photographers to create animated clips.

With Camera MX’s Live Shot function, Android users have the option to shoot live photos for the first time ever.

As well as the still image, Camera MX’s Live Shot feature captures the final moments leading up to an image, which allows you to go back to your recording and save single images, or see the photo as an animated clip.

Your footage can then be exported then as a photo, video or as a GIF-file and directly posted to your social networks.

What’s more, Camera MX allows you to apply a range of 20 filters and three effects packages, such as HDR, Lomo, Mirror, Kaleidoscope, Distortion, Overlays, Textures.

Camera MX also offers a number of editing options for your still and animated footage, such as cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation and color intensity/temperature

Camera MX Update 4.0 is available for free starting now in the Google Play Store.


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