News |3 Legged Thing Roxie L-bracket for Canon R5 and R6 announceds

3 Legged Thing Roxie L-bracket for Canon R5 and R6 announced

3 Legged Thing Roxie

After a flood of requests, 3 Legged Thing has announced an L-bracket for the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 full-frame mirrorless cameras.

3 Legged Thing Roxie

The latest addition to the range is the Roxie and like all L-brackets, it’s designed to enable photographers to flip their tripod-mounted camera from landscape to portrait orientation without shifting the focal plane and keeping the horizon level with the weight over the tripod’s canopy to maintain the most stable shooting position.

The 3 Legged Thing Roxie is an Arca-Swiss compatible L-bracket that is shaped to fit both the Canon R5 and R6 while still enabling easy access to the ports on the side of the cameras, the battery compartment and strap lugs.

3 Legged Thing Roxie

Danny Lenihan, Founder and CEO of 3 Legged Thing, said “This is the first time we’ve co-operated with Canon on a project, and for me it’s been an absolute success. The popularity of L-Brackets as a modern photography tool, and the demand for our myriad of solutions has been an incredible platform for our growth.”

Crucially, the Roxie enables the screen on the back of the R5 and R6 to be flipped out and used in its upright and upright-tilted positions. However, as the image below shows, the screen movement is restricted in landscape orientation.

3 Legged Thing Roxie

The upright part of the Roxie has two ¼”-20 threads for attaching accessories such as lights or a recorder/monitor such as the Atomos Ninja V, which means it’s of use to videographers as well as photographers.

3 Legged Thing Roxie

In addition, the base of the Roxie has a ¼”-20 thread so it can be used for attaching straps like the BlackRapid Sport Breathe which connect to the base of a camera.

While the 3 Legged Thing Roxie is made from precision-milled aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, it attaches to the camera using a stainless steel Stagsden camera screw. The base also has a locator pin that fits into the bottom of the camera to prevent the bracket twisting.

The two arms of the Roxie also have steel security pins for extra safety when the camera is mounted on a tripod.

3 Legged Thing Roxie price and availability

The 3 Legged Thing Roxie is available in Copper or Metallic Slate Grey and is available to order immediately for £89.99 / $99.99.

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