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3 Legged Thing prepare for the darkness


Winters drawing in and the worlds in turmoil, so to reflect the sombre mood, 3LT has released the Darkness!

OK, that’s a slight exaggeration about why 3LT has decided to release their range of L-Brackets in a slightly more reserved Metallic Grey, but the timing seems apt. 

The new range of L-Brackets offers a new colour choice for the company’s dedicated and universal range. The new colour option is an anodised limited edition matte black and will initially appear as a choice for the QR11 2.0, Zelda, Roxie and Gracy L-Brackets. 

“We’re excited to offer this limited colourway to our customers,” said Stuart Boston, Chief Operations Officer, 3-Legged Thing. “We get requests from customers who require matte black products for their specific workflow, including studio and behind-the-scenes work, and wildlife photographers working in hides, so we’re happy to offer them Darkness – a beautiful matte black option.” 

This new colour choice makes sense for various scenarios and continues the effective use that has made these brackets so popular. As the main design of the L-Brackets remains the same as previous colours, you can quickly change the camera’s orientation from landscape to portrait when using a tripod. 

L-Brackets are incredibly easy to use, and the design of the 3LT versions makes them comfortable to use on and off the tripod. By fitting one, you can easily maintain a level horizon and keep the camera on the same focal plane. All while ensuring that the main weight of the camera is directly above the tripod. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the 3LT range of L-Brackets, here’s a quick run-through of what each one has to offer.  

QR11 2.0

The 3LT QR11 2.0 universal L-bracket has been designed for maximum compatibility so that it will fit cameras from a variety of manufacturers. The L-Bracket features cut-outs in the base for easy access to the rear camera screen and a dual 1/4-inch screw thread in the vertical aspect for attaching accessories; there are also several additional 1/4 and 3/8-inch threads to help enhance flexible use. 

The QR11 2.0 is available in two sizes the QR11-L2.0 for standard mirrorless cameras and DSLRs and the QR11-FB2.0 for full-body and gripped cameras. 


Specially designed in cooperation with Nikon, this L-Bracket is a perfect fit for the contours of the Nikon Z5, Z6, Z7, Z6 II and Z7 II. As this is a dedicated model, it has been designed to maintain access to side ports, the battery door and memory card slots. Zelda is also compatible with the FTZ and FTZ II lens adapters when fitted and can accommodate the WR-R10 wireless adapter.


The Roxie is designed to fit the Canon EOS R5 and R6 cameras and now fits the newly released R5 C Cine Camera. This release features a cut-out in the vertical aspect to enable the use of the articulated screen and gives full access to all ports and doors. 


Designed for the GFX 100S and 50S II in cooperation with Fujifilm, the bracket is a perfect fit. Again the bracket features multiple 1/4 and 3/8-inch mounting threads for attachments. The base of the Gracy can also be extended to accommodate cables when used in portrait orientation and comes with a cable management tool. 

QR11 2.0, Gracy, Roxie, and Zelda L-brackets in the limited-edition Darkness colourway are available online at 

QR11-L2.0 £49.99 / US $ 59.99 / €49.99

QR11-FB2.0 £59.99 / US $ 69.99 / €58.33

Gracy £99.99 / US $ 119.99 / €99.99

Roxie £89.99 / US $ 99.99 / €83.33

Zelda £89.99 / US $ 99.99 / €83.33


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