News |3 Legged Thing Patti has landed

3 Legged Thing Patti has landed

3 Legged Thing Patti

At sub £100 the launch of the Patti is a Savvy move from 3 Legged Thing. The price will enable anyone getting into photography to own a quality full height, fully featured tripod at a bargain price.

Despite the entry-level price the company has worked hard to retain the quality and versatility we’ve come to expect from the Punks range. Patti follows the same tried and tested formula that we’ve seen with the Travis, but with small design tweaks to ensure an affordable price.

Patti will offer an outstanding maximum payload of 10kg, that’s 8kg’s less than the Travis but more than enough for most lightweight DSLR and lens combo’s and really any mirrorless system you wish to try.

The major changes between this and the Travis are that the 3 Legged Thing Patti will feature flip leg locks rather than the more usual twist lock and the AirHead has been swapped for the all-new simpler AirHead Mini.

The new locks are formed from hard-wearing ABS plastic which is often used for high-impact applications and of course lego.

3 Legged Thing Patti has landed

The legs themselves have been made from aircraft grade magnesium alloy, this will help to ensure a good strength to weight ratio.

When the tripod arrives packed down it measures a compact 45cm and when fully extended will reach a height of 1.63m, near enough full height.

At the end of each of the legs are the rubber Bootz and these can be replaced with Heelz, Stilettoz, and Clawz, all of these options are available separately.

The rest of the design is very similar to the Punks Travis and Billy, with the single section centre column that can be removed and reversed, enabling low angled shots.

Leg angle adjusters enable plenty of options with settings for 23, 55 and 80º enabling a minimum shooting height of just 11cm.

The next big change is the ball head and here we see the new simplified AirHead Mini. This features two controls, one for the Arca Swiss style release plate and the other for the ball head and panoramic rotation, all very clever.

3 Legged Thing Patti has landed

We’ll check out how this new head performs along with the rest of the tripod as soon as the review sample arrives.

Patti will be available in two colours; Punks Grey with Blue AirHead and Punks Anarchy Matte Black.

The Patti is available to pre-order from 14th August ahead of the release on 15th September.
For more information check out The Patti will be priced at £99.99 UK / $119.99 US.

3 Legged Thing Patti has landed
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3 Legged Thing Patti has landed
Patti is 3 Legged Thing latest Punks Tripod. Aimed squarely at those getting into photography it offers versatility and features at less than £100.
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