News |3 Legged Thing announces Pro Range 2.0

3 Legged Thing announces Pro Range 2.0

All new professional tripod range

3 Legged Thing Pro

Today 3 Legged Thing announce the new Pro Range 2.0. This new line-up of professional tripods directly replaces old favourites Leo, Albert and Winston.

The Lucie Technical award-winning Leo alongside 3 Legged Things’ two other Pro tripods; the Albert and Winston found favour with professionals due to their innovative modular design.

The latest releases builds on this versatility with advanced and innovative enhancements that build on the reputation of these professional tripods.

New features across the range include three detachable legs, rather than the traditional one, knurled lock caps and collar which give better grip and leverage. Although not a surface update the leg locks are also enhanced to give ultimate stability and rigidity.

“The Pro Range, when launched in 2016, proved transformative for 3 Legged Thing, and quickly became an industry game-changer, in terms of technology and aesthetics,” commented Danny Lenihan, Founder & CEO, 3 Legged Thing. “Just over three years later I am incredibly excited to see the first re-incarnation of our flagship range hit the shelves. We’ve improved everything, from the internal leg mechanisms, to the patented, re-contoured Tri-Mount plate. Pro Range 2 is now the most versatile, functional and capable modular tripod system on the planet.”

Each of the three new tripods can be purchased as stand-alone or as part of a kit with two colour combinations for each; Earth Bronze & Ocean Blue or Metallic Slate Grey with hints of British Racing Green.

The idea behind the three detachable legs is that it will give photographers far greater flexibility over how the tripods can be used, from a monopod to lengthy boom arm.

Another effect of being able to remove all legs is that the 3 Legged Thing range of footwear can be used in place of the legs, instantly converting the full height tripods into tabletop or low level supports.

On the legs themselves, the re-engineered leg locks which incorporate redesigned Chicken Lips (Shims) help to improve strength and enhance the stability of the tripods.

All these enhancements mean that the Leo 2.0 and Albert 2.0 have load capacities of 30kg/66lb and Winston 2.0 40kg/88lb.

“We’ve improved everything, from the internal leg mechanisms to the patented, re-contoured Tri-Mount plate.”

Pro Range 2.0 tripods are available for pre-order now, with the following suggested retail prices:
LEO 2.0 (tripod only) – £219.99/$259.99 LEO 2.0 Kit (with AirHed Pro Lever) – £289.99/$339.99.
ALBERT 2.0 (tripod only) – £299.99/$349.99 ALBERT 2.0 Kit (with AirHed Pro) – £349.99 /$449.99.
WINSTON 2.0 (tripod only) – £329.99/$379.99 WINSTON 2.0 Kit (with AirHed Pro) – £379.99/$479.99.
For a full overview of all the tripods in the Pro Range 2.0 visit the 3 Legged Thing website at

3 Legged Thing announces Pro Range 2.0
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3 Legged Thing announces Pro Range 2.0
New features directly aimed at flexibility and versatility raise the bar with the latest releases from 3 Legged Thing and their Professional tripod range.
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