News |3 Legged Thing Announces Legends Tripods and Heads

3 Legged Thing Announces Legends Tripods and Heads


UK-based 3 Legged Thing has announced a new range of tripods, which is claimed to be its most radical collection yet.

Inspired by skateboarder, musician, photographer and 3LT Pro Team member, Ray Barbee, the new tripods make use of some new developments and back-to-the-drawing-board design.

The first two tripods that we’ll see from the range are called the Mike and the Jay. They are the first tripods from 3 Legged Thing to feature a levelling base, giving them extra appeal to videographers. However, they are also designed for use by photographers.

Both the tripods have carbon fibre legs but with a maximum height of 147.5cm, the Mike is the taller of the two. The Jay has more leg sections to enable it to pack down to 40.5cm (the Mike has a folded length of 66.7cm), and it extends to a maximum of 111.2cm.

The legs can be positioned independently at one of three angles to accommodate uneven ground or creative shooting angles.

Detachable Legs

All three of the tripods’ legs are detachable, enabling them to be used as a be used as a monopod or microphone boom or whatever else you can think of.

Once the legs are removed, 3 Legged Thing’s tripod footware can be attached directly to the leg hinges to make a mini tripod that’s suitable for use close to ground level or on a tabletop.

Alternatively, with the footware in place, the levelling base can act as a foot for a monopod leg.

The tripods are supplied with removable rubber ‘Bootz’, that can be swapped with one of four alternative styles of footwear for better stability in certain situations.

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Space-age Materials and Design

Three Legged Thing uses 8 layers of 100% Japanese carbon fibre for the Mike and Ray’s legs along with aerospace-grade, anodised magnesium alloy for the locks and canopy.

The new Legend tripods also debut 3 Legged Thing’s Rapid Latch. This is an anodised mag-alloy latch with an auto-engage lock to speed opening and positioning the legs.

According to 3LT, the Rapid Latch has been designed to be easy to use even when the photographer is wearing thick gloves or has a hand injury or disability.

In addition, the leg locks have a new design with raised O-Pads for better grip, leverage and water displacement, and a new style of shim (aka Chicken Lips) to make them stronger.

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3 Legged Thing Announces Legends Tripods and Heads

3 Legged thing Mike Specification

  • Weight: 1.65kg
  • Maximum Load: 14kg / 30lb
  • Maximum Height: 147.5cm / 58.07inch
  • Minimum Height: 13.5cm / 5.31inch
  • Folded Length: 66.7cm / 26.26inch
  • Leg Angles: 23°, 55° & 80°
  • Maximum leg tubing diameter: 29mm / 1.14inch

3 Legged thing Jay Specification

  • Weight: 1.41kg
  • Maximum Load: 14kg / 30lb
  • Maximum Height: 111.2cm / 43.78inch
  • Minimum Height: 10.0cm / 3.94inch
  • Folded Length: 40.5cm / 15.94inch
  • Leg Angles: 23°, 55° & 80°
  • Maximum leg tubing diameter: 26mm / 1.02inch

AirHed Cine Tripod Heads

Three Legged Thing has also announced two new ‘AirHed Cine’ tripod heads made from precision-milled aerospace-grade magnesium alloy. One has an Acra-Swiss (AHCINE-A) plate and the other with a standard video clamp (AHCINE-S).

Both AirHed Cine heads have a spiderweb design and an adjustable, fluid-motion, tilt mechanism for creating smooth video movements. This movement is said to be controllable directly or via the included panning arm.

To suit left or right-handed videographers, the arm can be fitted on either side of the head.

The two heads also have a ¼inch-20 thread mounting accessories via an articulating arm.

3LT AirHed Cine Specification

  • Weight: 737 g / 1.62 lb (Arca) / 752 g / 1.66 lb (Standard)
  • Maximum Load: 10 kg / 22 lb
  • Height – 9.6cm / 3.78inch
  • Base Diameter: 6.0cm / 2.36inch
  • Controls: Pan Lock, Tilt Friction, Plate Release
  • Bubble Level: 2 on AirHed
  • Range of Tilt 165˚ (90˚ down, 75˚ up)
  • Release Plate Width 38mm / 1.5inch (Arca-Swiss), 47 mm / 1.85inch (Standard)
  • Release Plate Length 90mm / 3.54inch (Arca-Swiss), 119 mm / 4.68inch (Standard)
  • Release Plate Weight 61g / 0.13lb (Arca-Swiss), 89g / 0.2lb (Standard)

3 Legged Thing Mike and Jay Price and Availability

The 3LT Mike and Jay are available for pre-order immediately and will come to market in early December.

The Mike is set to retail for £499.99 / $549.99 by itself or as a kit with the AirHed Cine for £729.99 / $849.99.

The Jay has a suggested retail price of £449.99 / $479.99 by itself or £679.99 / $779.99 in the kit with the AirHed Cine.

The AirHed Cine can also be purchased separately for £299.99 / $349.99.

We can expect more 3LT Legends products to arrive in 2020, including something named after Ray Barbee. Follow the link to visit 3LT’s website.

3 Legged Thing Announces Legends Tripods and Heads
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3 Legged Thing Announces Legends Tripods and Heads
3 Legged Thing has announced its first tripods with a levelling base, as well as two fluid-motion tripod heads that are designed for videographers.
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